Online Cryptocurrency Education

As of the 7th July 2023, we've made the decision to move our online courses into our Premium Membership so all content is within one place.

Please follow the instructions below on how to cancel and move your membership across to Whop, and how you can keep the course content you've purchased.

Legacy Premium Members

We've released a video on the premium platform showing you how to change from this website to Whop. It's super simple, won't disrupt your membership, and you'll get a cheaper monthly rate as a legacy member, even lower than our old £10/Month rate.

If you pay for it annually, you have time to do it before your next renewal, as this website will not fully close down. So don't panic.

If you have any questions, holla via Email or Discord.

Legacy Course Buyers

You get to keep these; our website is not closing anytime soon.

We aim to close this website in 2025; before then, you'll be notified when you can download the content allowing you to keep it forever.

You can still access this website normally if you are on the CPD courses 2018-2022 or the 2023 newly released courses.

If you have any questions, holla via Email or Discord.

This Website To Close In 2025.

Don't worry. We are not going anywhere. This is just moving to a new, better home.